About C70

I’m a long-time Cardinal fan who spends most of my Internet time at CardsClubhouse.com, where I’m the co-administrator and YNOT guru. I’m married with two kids and work as a CPA here in Arkansas. Grew up loving Ozzie, rooted for McGwire and now awed by Pujols.

From my first post on what you’ll find here:

This is not going to be a high-quality Cardinals blog like vivaelbirdos, with stats and interesting new ways of looking at things. I’m not going to cover the minors the way that Future Redbirds does. There are a lot of great Cardinal blogs out there, each of them with their own style. What you’ll get here is the general thoughts of a guy who doesn’t watch every pitch, but tries to watch some of every game while juggling the home life. A guy who spends time talking Cardinals at CardsClubhouse and reading about them other places. You’ll probably get ideas I’ve seen other places, but I’ll try to identify those that aren’t mine, at least.

It’s just a regular joe blog. I root for the Cardinals and typically give them and management the benefit of the doubt. I’ll criticize when necessary, but I’m not big on general bashing. So let’s give it a shot, see what happens.

Also, love getting comments. Want to tell me I have no clue? I don’t mind, if you can back it up. Like what you read? Mention that as well. Feedback is always a nice thing.

And, since this thread is already taking these on, feel free to use this space for link exchange requests and communications to me that don’t work anywhere else.


8 Responses to “About C70”

  1. Deaner Says:

    Could you please add a link to my blog, Cardinal Nation Globe?


  2. Mike Says:

    I found your site the other day, and was reminded to come back and check it out again after you commented about the Pineiro signing on my blog. Would you be interested in trading links? I’d sure love a way to connect more Cardinal fans. By the way, I really enjoyed “Pujols at the Bat”.

  3. TheBoss Says:

    Thanks for the ling to my blog, check back often as I do yours…Thanks again.

  4. Leigh Albright Says:

    My name is Leigh Albright and I work for Sourcebooks, Inc, the publisher of The Best St. Louis Sports Arguments by Bryan Burwell. I was hoping you would be willing to review this book for your blog.

    This is a really fun book, that I know St. Louis fans will love. (As a born and raised St. Louis girl, I would know) If you want to read more about The Best St. Louis Sports Arguments, please scroll down. I have pasted the press release at the bottom of this email.

    Please let me know if you’re interested. We would love to have you review The Best St. Louis Sports Arguments.


    See my review here.–C70

  5. Alexander Fridman Says:

    Please contact me as regarding a possible link exhcnage.

  6. ces Says:


    I visited your blog and I was wondering if I can recommend it. Since many of our audience are sport fans, I am sure they would love to visit a blog like yours.
    Let me know if this is ok. Thanks for your time and take care.

  7. Alfred Says:

    I just started my own sports blog and I would just like to know if it’s ok to include your link in my baseball blog.
    Let me know what you think.

  8. baseballroundtable.com Says:

    C70 … I emailed the baseball bloggers alliance (the founder email address) several times and keep getting an undeliverable reply (tried from multiple computers). Any advice on how i can get my blog baseballroundtable.com considered for membership,


    David Karpinski

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