Did I Miss Anything?

You know, I start a Cardinal blog, and it’s been occasionally tough to find something interesting to write on. I want to keep this site fresh, but sometimes it’s tough to know what to put down on cyber-paper, if you will.

Then I go on vacation, and all the news spills out:

  • LaRussa returns to the 1998 experiment and starts hitting the pitcher in the 8th slot.
  • The Nationals sweep the Cardinals.
  • The Cards tie a MLB record with ten consecutive hits in a game.
  • Scott Spiezio goes on the restricted list so as to enter drug and alcohol rehab.
  • The prodigal outfielder Rick Ankiel finally makes his second-life major league debut, smacking a homer to boot.
  • Ankiel then has a two-home-run day.
  • LaRussa and Juan Encarnacion battle it out in the press.
  • The pitching staff actually comes around, with quality start after quality start.
  • Adam Kennedy is sidelined with knee problems, perhaps for the rest of the season.
  • The Cards win 4 of 6 against good teams from San Diego and Los Angeles.

And, in the midst of all of this, even after the slide in Pittsburgh and Washington, the Cards sit 5.5 games out of the NL Central and about 4 games behind the Cubs. After being written off by a lot of people, including me, the Cardinals are still in the thick of things come mid-August.

Let’s hit a few of the points above before moving on to a look-forward of this week: Read the rest of this entry »


More on the Move

As Lando said, “This deal is getting worse all the time!”

All it takes was a simple sentence from Cardinal beat reporter Bernie Miklasz. “Pineiro will start a game this weekend.” So a reliever who hasn’t started in a couple of years (stop me if you’ve heard THAT one before) is going to move straight into our rotation at a time when we are trying to get some momentum going. That just doesn’t seem logical. Sure, he might get a little boost because he’s never pitched in the NL before and players won’t have seen him, but that doesn’t seem like the reason you’d throw him right into the mix, especially since he’s not shown in his performance, well, ever, that he deserves to be there.

But then I took a look at the rotation for this weekend in Washington. Anthony Reyes, Kip Wells and Adam Wainwright. Assuming that the weekend rotation is right and people won’t be moved up or back, who do you think will miss the start? Wainwright is the closest thing we have to an ace right now–he’s pitching every time out like clockwork. Wells has struggled most of the year, but is improving lately as we’ve documented here. Plus, even when he was struggling it took a long time before LaRussa and Duncan gave up.

Which leaves us with the 2007 Whipping Boy of the Year, Anthony Reyes. Even though he got his first win this last time out against the Brewers, the same team that leads the division. Even though he looked extremely sharp and conserved pitches. Even though we have to have players like him (read young, cheap and talented) to compete in this division going forward. Even though even in his rough year he’s had more success than, say, Mike Maroth. All of this apparently will be going out the window and he’s being told that a crappy reliever can come in and do his job better than he can.

I don’t know that Reyes is going to be the savior of the staff. I don’t know that he’ll ever be more than a #3 starter. But until he gets a chance to get out there and pitch the way he knows how and the way he’s proved he can in the majors, we are never going to know. And being that he is out of options and must be on the major league roster in 2008, this would be a good time to find out what he’s got.

I seriously can’t believe they didn’t trade him off today, if this is true. They’ve obviously got no use for him. Hopefully it’s just a situation where he gets moved up or back a day, something like that. Otherwise, I really question the management of this team.

EDIT: Thankfully, there are a few sane heads around there. According to the official site, Reyes has been moved to Thursday, with Pineiro scheduled for Saturday.