Hats off to the Rangers, who last night set a modern day record with 30 runs in a game. 30 runs! Heck, the Cardinals had trouble scoring 30 runs in two weeks earlier in the season.

They were down 3-0 in this game. When you think “comeback win”, I’m not sure you expect to come back to +27.

Daniel Cabrera started for the Orioles. You figure he went into the clubhouse when he was pulled from the game and thought, “Man, another rough start, 6 runs in five innings, I suck.” Then he saw the bullpen give up 24 in four innings and thought, “Dude, I’m way better than I thought.”

The Rangers scored 10 in the eighth and sixth in the ninth. Jarrod Saltalamacchia raised his average 83 points, which is very good because he and Ian Kinsler are on my rotisserie team.

And, surprisingly enough, they weren’t shut out in the second game of the doubleheader. You just had to figure the irony was there for the taking!