Back to the Grind

Before anything else, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas. I spent four days off line for the first time in ages and just enjoyed the season and the family. I hope you got everything that you wished for and more besides.

I meant to note this last week, but over at Stan Musial’s Stance, there’s a discussion on the informally retired numbers and whether they’ll ever make it up on the outfield wall. Check it out and add your two cents.

As far as I can tell, the Cardinals took the holiday time off as well, as only the small news of Cliff Politte signing a minor league contract cracks the public consciousness. There’s no telling what they are working on behind the scenes, but I doubt there will be anything big happening between now and January. As for Politte, another arm that has a chance to make an impact in the bullpen. No risk, medium reward. Nothing to get excited about, but he could be another Percival type next year.

In case you have some grievances out there, Erik at Future Redbirds has up his Festivus Pole. I’ve got a feeling some at CCH would like to have at ownership this time of year. ‘Course, those are the ones who have at ownership every day of the year, so it’s not much of a stretch.   Also, Pip at Fungoes has started the Cardinal Twelve Days of Christmas.

Generally, you may notice some snow at the top of the blog and throughout the page. WordPress has that as an option between now and January 2, and since it’s the closest thing to snow we’re going to get around these parts, I clicked the box.

Also, I have e-mailed those Cardinal blogs that participated in the last blogger project with a new idea. If you did not participate last time but are interested in this project, aimed for December 31, e-mail me (cardinal70 at gmail).