Spanning the Globe, AL Style

Yesterday, we took a tour around the National League. Today, let’s hit the junior circuit.

Baltimore Orioles

Blog: Camden Chat
Paper: Baltimore Sun
Recent Issue: Trade talk

The Orioles have been in the papers with their discussions of moving Brian Roberts and Eric Bedard. No matter what some of the Chicago papers say, I can’t imagine both of them would go in the same deal. Though, if they did, the Cardinals would love to talk about it! Either of them could fit well in Cardinal red, though it doesn’t look like the teams could match up.

Boston Red Sox

Blog: Extra Bases
Paper: Boston Herald
Recent Issue: Filling the bench

The Sox have had a fun offseason. That happens when you are the champs, I guess, plus can afford to go big to defend the title. The Santana talk seems to have cooled somewhat, but it’s not like they really need him. The biggest problem they have? Trying to get any coverage with the Patriots and the Celtics going on. You’d think a World Championship would go farther………

Chicago White Sox

Blog: South Side Sox
Paper: Chicago Tribune
Recent Issue: Free agent signings

The White Sox have fallen a long way since their championship in 2005. However, they hope that signing the Cuban Alexei Ramirez and shoring up the bullpen with Octavio Dotel will help them compete with Detroit in the division. It will be interesting to see the impact Ramirez will have coming to American ball. If nothing else, that’ll be a reason to keep up with the Sox this year.

Cleveland Indians

Blog: Let’s Go Tribe!
Paper: Cleveland Plain Dealer
Recent Issue: Signing Rafael Betancourt

The Indians wanted to keep Betancourt in the fold, what with his 1.47 ERA and other various dominant statistics in 2007. Hopefully this will work out for them. It seems that relievers–well, I’ve noted it about closers, but I think it fits other relievers as well–have a limited shelf life. The league tends to start catching up to them after a couple of years.

Detroit Tigers

Blog: Tiger Tales
Paper: The Detroit News
Recent Issue: Fielding

No doubt Cardinal fans find the fact that a Tigers blog is focusing on fielding slightly ironic.

Kansas City Royals

Blog: Royal Review
Paper: Kansas City Star
Recent Issue: Winter league

Unfortunately for Royal fans, following those coming up and working their way to Kansas City has been more interesting in the past few years than watching the team actually in Kansas City. They are developing some young players, so hopefully they are headed in the right direction.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Blog: Halos Heaven
Paper: Los Angeles Times
Recent Issue: Future of Francisco Rodriguez

This is why you read other blogs and papers. I had no thought that Rodriguez could be an issue for the Angels, but he is getting expensive (he’ll get at least $10 million in arbitration) and so could be a trade possibility later on.

Minnesota Twins

Paper: Minneapolis Star Tribune
Recent Issue: Johan Santana

There may not be much about it on the blog indicated at the moment, but the Santana saga has to hang over the Twins and the Twins fans until it is resolved. I personally hope they keep him because I’m not big on the idea that he go help out those powers in the East. He probably will after ’08 anyway, but at least it’ll be delayed.

New York Yankees

Blog: The LoHud Yankees Blog
Paper: New York Times
Recent Issue: Numerous and varied

If there’s one team you don’t have to read local writing to know what is going on with them, it’s the Yankees. They’ve talked about Santana, they are extending Robinson Cano’s contract, they have ties to the Clemens/Canseco steroid stuff and they have a very vocal owner. But you knew all of that.

Oakland Athletics

Blog: Athletics Nation
Paper: Oakland Tribune
Recent Issue: Examining 2008

There’s a good chance that the A’s won’t be much of a contender the next year or so. Trading off Dan Haren and Nick Swisher were moves geared toward the long term, not the next year. That said, there is still talent on that team and the AL West isn’t the strongest division out there. The A’s may surprise some people.

Seattle Mariners

Blog: U.S.S. Mariner
Paper: The Seattle Times
Recent Issue: Ticket pricing

It’s not only Cardinal fans who gripe–well, let’s say have discussions–about ownership and off-the-field issues. Though many of them don’t put in the thought and analysis that you’ll find on the post here about tickets.

Tampa Bay Rays

Blog: DRaysBay
Paper: Tampa Tribune
Recent Issue: Extending Jamie Shields

The Rays look like they are turning the corner. Payroll may increase to $40 million this year, they’ve got some prime young talent and they are now trying to lock up those that have shown success.

Texas Rangers

Blog: Postcards from Elysian Fields
Paper: Dallas Star-Telegram
Recent Issue: Jason Jennings signing

The Rangers have always been able to hit the ball. The problem is that they’ve not been able to stop people from hitting it. Jason Jennings must have a masochistic streak–he’s gone from Coors Field to Minute Maid Park to Arlington. I guess, theoretically, he’s moving down the scale.

Toronto Blue Jays

Blog: Batter’s Box Interactive Magazine
Paper: Toronto Star
Recent Issue: Glaus for Rolen

It may not be at the top of the list anymore, but there’s no doubt that the Glaus/Rolen deal got as much examination north of the border as it did in the heart of the Midwest. Time will tell who got the better end of the deal.

That should keep you busy for a while, but you might also check out 38 Pitches (Boston), Depressed Fan (Yankees), or a forum like Son of Sam Horn.

I know I’ve said it before, but I really think that early next week, we’ll have fairly decent sized news about this blog.


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