A Short Followup

Found this link via MLB Trade Rumors. Apparently John Mozeliak says that he’s not necessarily done with making moves this off-season.

Which, to me, is kinda interesting. What else could Mozeliak be working on?

The starting lineup is pretty set, as far as we know. We don’t know who will be shortstop, but there are a lot of options there. There are more starters than starting rotation slots already and the bullpen is pretty strong. The bench is likely full as well.

Seems to me that, if something does happen, it’d either be of the “minor league signing” variety or a trade. I can’t imagine what he’d package together to get, but I’d hope he’s thinking about another big bat. The pitching staff, of course, could always be upgraded but I’m thinking that is passable now.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything does happen. I’m leaning toward nothing until about the first week of spring training games, maybe mid-March. If I remember right, that’s about the time we got Edmonds back in 2000.

Oh, and you’ll see TLR still isn’t over the whole Rolen thing again in that link. At least make your comments funny, Tony. That one is pretty lame.

EDIT: Joe Posnanski’s blog about the St. Louis writers dinner looks pretty interesting.


4 Responses to “A Short Followup”

  1. tom@cardinalsgm.com Says:

    I have been writing for several weeks that another pitcher is coming. I still believe it.

  2. cardinal70 Says:

    Keep the faith, Tom!

    I just don’t who. You have to get a guy that’s willing to be a bullpen guy, because he’s basically insurance in case Mulder can’t come back or Clement gets hurt. You can fairly well count on Wainwright, Looper and Pineiro to stay in the rotation, plus you have Anthony Reyes who could be a part of that mix.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Who exactly are the cardinals looking to be thier shortstop?? what are all these options at ss?


  4. cardinal70 Says:

    Well, you have Izturis, you have Ryan, you have D’Angelo Jiminez, you have Aaron Miles (though he’s probably more in the second base mix).

    I didn’t say they had GREAT options, but there are bodies on the roster that won’t be easy to get rid of or ignore.

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