Reader Interaction Post #1: Why Are You a Cards Fan?

With the general slowness of the offseason, it seemed like a good time to find out about the people that read this blog.  If you’ve not commented before, this would be a great time to start.  I think you will find it’s a fairly easy and painless process. 

The question before you is why are you a Cardinals fan?  How did you come to follow the Redbirds?  (This, of course, assumes that most of the readership of the blog is a fan of the team from St. Louis.  If you are fans of another team, feel free to substitute their name and tell that story.) 

My first real baseball memory isn’t of the Cardinals, but of the Detroit Tigers.  My family visited my aunt and uncle that were living outside of Detroit in 1984 and we went to see a game at the old Tiger Stadium.  I remember that fall watching those same Tigers win the World Series. 

However, in this area, it’s tough not to be a Cardinal fan.  I remember in 1985, we had just moved into a new house and the cable had yet to be hooked up, so my dad stood in the kitchen listening to the Cards and Royals on the radio.  I also remember being very disappointed the morning after Game 7 when the DJ on the radio said, “This one is for Whitey Herzog” and played “Goin’ to Kansas City.” 

This is Cardinal country, mainly due to the fact that St. Louis is the closest baseball team, the fact that KMOX helped raise a generation of fans that are passing it down to their offspring, and the fact that the Cardinals usually win.  When I really started following baseball, it was 1987 and the Cards were going to the Series for the second time in three years. 

I latched on to Ozzie as my favorite player, followed by Big Mac (who I followed while he was in Oakland as well) and now Albert.  Somewhere along the way I got onto message boards and now into blogging about the team.  It’s been a gradual transformation and there’s no one definitive moment in my fandom, but it’s been fun all along the way. 

And it’s a lot of fun to have my son very excited about baseball and the Cardinals already as well! 

So that’s me.  How about you?


7 Responses to “Reader Interaction Post #1: Why Are You a Cards Fan?”

  1. Mike M. Says:

    It’s complicated, but ultimately, my Dad was from St Louis and a Cardinals fan. Living on the left coast, we weren’t able to be immersed in the fan culture of St Louis, so we used to follow their progress in the sports page and talk about it. I became a life long Lou Brock fan and it cascaded from there.

  2. Melissa Says:

    I grew up in a Cardinal’s household. My Grandparents were huge fans. I remember being very bored by baseball when I was younger, and hated watching games, boy how dumb was I.

    I started watching games with my Grandma when her health started getting worse in 2003, and I have been hooked ever since then. Each year I get more involved and learn more about the game.

    I was very happy that we won the World series in 2006 since it was the last baseball season my Grandma was alive to see. What a fitting way to send off a life long cardinals fan.

  3. andujar Says:

    it’s the offseason, I’m going long…

    Growing up 25 miles east of St Louis was the start.

    Dad had split season tickets (4 seats, 10 games) during my formative years. They were box seats (section 132, row 19, how I remember this?) on the 1st base side and I’d fill a baseball with autographs each year. But I wasn’t very good at not smudging them. The only readable one to this day is Ozzie. Saw Brummer steal home from the bleachers. Saw the Cards beat the Braves 7-0 on my 7th birthday, October 7, 1982 (from the top row down the LF line, take that Uecker). Collected 40 plastic collecter cups during a 1982 WS rain delay. Saw Game 7 in 1982. Saw the Cards 8 run 2nd vs the Dodgers in NLCS ’85. Dad eventually gave up the seats because they got too expensive (I think the price per seat was going up from $12).

    By then I was hooked. Seats were easy to come by in the early 90’s when the team was drawing ~25000. Saw Rickey’s middle finger from the LF bleachers in ’96. Saw Game 5 of the NLCS (no link, too painful) in ’96. Saw Ankiel 2.2 IP vs Atl (no link, more painful) in ’00 NLDS. Saw Carp’s 3 hitter in ’06 (gotta end happy)

    DVR allows me to see every game and avoid announcer burnout.

  4. Mike Says:

    My family is from a small town just south of St. Louis. When I was a kid, I’d sit outside and listen to the games on the radio with my grandpa. He’d sneak me a sip of his Bud every now and then, when my grandma wasn’t looking. We started traveling the world because my dad was in the army, but still kept up with the team. I remember Christmas of ’82, living in Germany. We all got World Series shirts from my grandparents. I continued to follow the team through the years, and went to a game or two each year, but it wasn’t until the late 90s when I became completely obsessed with the Cardinals. Although I now live in Miami, FL, I still manage to go to Opening Day, and a couple of games each month. I’ll be at two games a week during Spring Training and of course the entire series here against the Marlins. We’re planning a trip to Fenway in June too. I can’t wait. Go Cards!!

  5. Josh Says:

    My dad was a military man so I didn’t grow up anywhere near St. Louis, but my parents are both from there. Their families were both huge Cards fans as they grew up, but my parents were both basically apathetic towards sports. That all changed when I turned 10 and the Cards were making a run to the 1987 World Series. My older brother and I were glued to every game of that series and I’ve been following the team ever since. I wished I lived closer so I could go to more games, but I’ve made it to five or six over the years, and I always try to see Memphis when they come through Salt Lake.

  6. Murph Says:

    I was seven in 1982. My family and I had been on a vacation trip to visit our “Yankee” relatives in Michigan. We stopped in St. Louis on our way back to Tennessee. My dad was a Cardinal fan and had decided that this would be a great opportunity to take in a Sunday afternoon game with his children. I still remember defeating the Reds, watching Sutter pick up the save, and rookie Willie McGee almost run over Gene Tenace trying to score on a Hernandez double.

    Of course, you all know the rest of the story. The Cards went on the win the WS, and, since I was already becoming obsessed with baseball, my obsession with the Cardinals was off and running.

  7. joethejedi Says:

    I’ve always been a Cardinals fan. Grew up in Maplewood, which is just outside of the city of Saint Louis, for you out-of-towners.

    Back in the 60’s, I remember listening to the games on KMOX with my grandparents and my dad. We didn’t watch much TV back then. Actually we didn’t even have a tv until grandpa bought a new fangled color set, and we got his old black and white. Not sure how much coverage there was for baseball games. Didn’t post much on the internet, either, as Al Gore hadn’t invented CCH yet.

    Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Garry Templeton, Steve Carlton, Red Schoendienst, Ozzie, Kenny Reitz – the “Zamboni”, Keith Hernandez, I’m not sure who was my first favorite Cardinal, but those are the people that first come to mind.

    I do remember the season of ’82 as I was just away from home for the first time, at college. I knew that my family was listening to the games at the same time as I was, and that helped me not be so homesick. Seemed like there was a lot of brewers fans on campus, and I recall that they actually thought they had a chance at winning the WS.

    “Sutter from the belt, to the plate…a swing and a miss! And that’s a winner! That’s a winner! A World Series winner for the Cardinals!”
    – Cardinals announcer Jack Buck, calling the final out on KMOX radio.

    There wasn’t as much gear for the fans back then – I don’t remember ANYONE wearing a jersey/t-shirt, although everyone had a ballcap for one team or another.

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