The Phenom

With the Cardinal offseason not providing much fuel for the hot stove, Cardinal Nation is getting warm with thoughts of the Next Big Thing, Colby Rasmus.

Derrick Goold had the piece in the Post-Dispatch earlier in the week and has amplified that with more stats in his blog.

He tops all the prospect lists over at Future Redbirds.

Larry broke down those that, like Rasmus may, jumped over AAA to the majors.

Various other media outlets have written stories or profiles of the outfielder.

So will he make it?  Will he start out in St. Louis in ’08 or Memphis?  When will he take his rightful place as the heir of Edmonds?

With numerous players that can play a passable center field, players like Ankiel and Schumacker, I think that it’s likely Rasmus will start in Memphis next season, but I’d expect him up by June or so unless he really struggles at AAA.  It’s possible his energy and fresh approach will help inspire the team as Ankiel’s callup did last August.  Since besides the normal excitement that is provided by Albert Pujols there may not be much to watch on this team, the front office may feel a bit pressured to move him up quickly.  Then again, if he hits well in Memphis, there’s really no reason to have him wait any longer.

I’m excited to see what he can do.  I hope he plays his way on to the team from the word go.  It’s been a long time since the Cardinals had a prospect this highly touted (at least in the field) and it’ll be a lot of fun to see him go to work.


4 Responses to “The Phenom”

  1. Cardinal Nation at a standstill | Cardinals GM Says:

    […] Colby Rasmus known as The Phenom gets the bulk of print at C70 at the Bat. […]

  2. Bob Says:

    Just saw this at another site: Rasmus hit .350/.460/.770 over the final 6 weeks of the season. Can’t be his current real level of ability, can it…in AA…at age 20? I didn’t believe it could, but those astronomical numbers were accompanied by a tremendous improvement in the young man’s plate discipline (a remarkable 23/26 BB/K ratio). Wow.

  3. cardinal70 Says:

    He’s pretty impressive, all the way around. After he adjusts to a league, he then tears it up.

    He’d make ’08 pretty interesting in St. Louis, I believe.

  4. Cardinal Nation at a standstill | Cardinals GM Says:

    […] Colby Rasmus known as The Phenom gets the bulk of print at C70 at the Bat. […]

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