Slow, Slow, Slow

Talk about a dead period. This time between Christmas and New Year’s is terrible for baseball news, it appears. Just running down the headlines on Pro Sports Daily’s rumor site, there was only one story yesterday (about the Reds still wanting to make moves) and most everything over there deals with Johan Santana, with an occasional dash of Eric Bedard.

Really more of the same at MLB Trade Rumors. Lot of rehashing of Santana. Doesn’t part of you wish that the Twins would either fish or cut bait? Take him off the market or send him somewhere, I don’t care anymore, just do something! Though if Santana winds up a Yankee or a Red Sox, it’s very disheartening.

We congratulate Deaner at CardinalNationGlobe for having heat in his house again. That also gets him back into the Cardinal blogosphere, which is a good thing as well.

Keep following Pip’s Twelve Days of Cardinal Christmas. It’s great already and there’s only been two days!

Looks like there are four of us so far for the next United Cardinal Bloggers project. Readin’ Redbird, CardinalsGM and CardinalNationGlobe have all indicated willingness to participate. Always looking for more, though!


One Response to “Slow, Slow, Slow”

  1. Mike Says:

    Tell me more about the United Cardinal Blogger project. Feel free to email me.

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