Quick Hit

Just a short note, since I don’t have much time today.  Not a lot going on in Cardinal Nation anyway.

Cards are keeping an eye on Mark Prior, which is nice to know.  Of course, I’ve advocated for him in the past, though apparently he just wants a one year deal.  That’s not what the Cardinals need, since he won’t be around until June or so.  If there’s a team option with it, then that’s another thing.

Cards missed out on Carlos Silva, which is not a bad thing.  Silva would be an interesting Cardinal, since he’s very much a pitch-to-contact, ground ball type, but at those prices, St. Louis was smart not to spend much time looking.  Hopefully they are doing the same with Kyle Loshe.

May not get a post up tomorrow and who knows with the holidays when I will, so in case I’m not back until after Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and always remember the reason for the season.


4 Responses to “Quick Hit”

  1. Oberkfell3B Says:

    Merry Christmas Savings & Loan !!!!

    err, I mean C70.

  2. tom barron Says:

    the cards are killiing me with the lack of info about the intentions for the 2008 season…please tell us something…i am a cards fan,sometimes i dont know why

  3. cardinal70 Says:

    I think what we can deduce from what Mozeliak’s said and what they’d done so far in the offseason is that if they can contend next year with what they have, great. But they aren’t going to go crazy trying to do it.

    They are looking forward to ’09 and ’10 more than ’08, I think. It’ll be a down season, probably, but doesn’t mean there won’t be baseball worth watching.

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