More on the Edmonds Trade

Well, we’ve had a weekend to digest the big news of the offseason, and it still doesn’t sit well with some people.  It is interesting, though, that the trade was Edmonds’ idea.  Apparently Jim was a little disappointed with the answers to the playing time question he was getting.  Which is probably fair–if he played like he did last year, both Ankiel and, later in the year, Rasmus would probably cut into him playing every day.  Plus we know that TLR doesn’t like to put Edmonds out there against lefties anyway, so he probably was looking at less than 100 games in the field unless his offensive numbers bounced back.

Doing some reading of articles, it doesn’t appear that the organization is quite ready to give Rasmus the job in center yet, which is understandable.  I do think he’ll make a fairly early ’08 appearance, though, for various reasons.  One, there probably won’t be anyone just dominating the position.  Two, it gets him experience in a season that’s pretty much a loss anyway.  And three, it could keep some heat off of the front office if there is a slow start after a fairly disappointing offseason.

It will seem very strange, though, not to see number 15 out patrolling the Busch Stadium grass next season.  To think that the fourth-leading home run hitter in Cardinal history was obtained for a pitcher that had just had a career year (and most everyone expected to revert to his norm) and a middle infield prospect (that is now back with the Cards).  When Walt was on, he could make some moves, couldn’t he?  It will be interesting to see if there isn’t some groundswell in a couple of years to retire his number as well, like there is with fan favorite Willie McGee.  Heck, retire them on the same day.  Two center fielders, one 15, one 51.  It’s perfect!

Of course, more and better analysis at VEB today and the weekend posts as well.


12 Responses to “More on the Edmonds Trade”

  1. TOM Says:

    It was Edmond’s request b/c, as usual, Tony has no relationship skills. Edmonds is going to have a great year now that he is “healthier than I’ve been in 6 years.”

    LaRussa could have said, you’re my man as long as you feel healthy.

    Edmonds, like Ozzie before, is the best ever in Cards history and deserved better from LaRussa. What a mess.

  2. cardinal70 Says:

    Perhaps so. I will say that LaRussa does tend to be brutally honest, with the emphasis on the adverb. It could be the reason TLR never has used that law degree. His level of tact and empathy do seem to be on the low level.

    Then again, Edmonds, in an interview I read, seems to value honesty. It seemed to me that he’d rather have been told, “I don’t know how we are going to use you” than hear “You are the guy” and then not be the guy.

    The ovation on July 17th when the Padres come to town should be enormous, though.

  3. Rockin' the Red Says:

    I think the Cardinals will approach the Edmonds-jersey situation using the Willie McGee rule – as an “unofficially” retired jersey. I would love to see both of them retired and on the outfield wall, though.

  4. cardinal70 Says:

    I agree, you won’t see them on the wall soon, but you won’t see them in use, either.

    Heck, the Cards may wind up with just as many unofficially retired numbers (15, 51, 57, maybe 32?) as retired ones at this rate!

  5. The Angry Rant Says:

    Wow, is 32 really unofficially retired?

  6. Rockin' the Red Says:

    32 probably won’t be in use anytime in the near future. There are a lot of numbers to pick from, and the least they can do is set it aside in respect to Josh.

  7. GPK Says:

    TLR, having “no relationship skills” (if in fact he doesn’t) had nothing to do with this trade. It simply made sense for the Cards, AND for Jimmy. We have plenty of decent bodies for the outfield, all of whom are much younger than Jimmy. We also get rid of some salary, that MIGHT be used to fill what we really need: PITCHING!

  8. cardinal70 Says:

    I was just figuring that they won’t be giving out 32 anytime soon, like Rockin’ says. Though I doubt it’ll have the long term resonance that 57 has. We may see it again in a couple of years, perhaps after TLR has left.

    The trade made some sense, GPK, I’m not disputing that. Though, if you are writing off ’08, Edmonds could have some value in instructing Rasmus and the money comes off the books at the end of the season anyway. But to say it has nothing to do with TLR’s people skills might be a bit of a stretch, though it was a minor factor. Many managers would have tried to soothe feathers and stretch the truth, saying that he’d get plenty of playing time when maybe he really wouldn’t. If TLR had done that, Edmonds is still probably with the team.

    Still, I wouldn’t put this trade on TLR. A Rolen trade, I would.

  9. GPK Says:

    No, I’m not writing off 08, but it will be tough to compete unless we find some starting pitching. Sure, Jimmy would have had some value in the tutoring role with Rasmus, but that would have been one expensive tutor! Like I said, it just made sense for everyone, even the Padres.

    Yes, I’m sure some managers would have told Jimmy what he wanted to hear. Personally, I would want to hear the truth, and that is what he got, which prompted him to explore trade opportunities, and gave the team ample time to accomidate his acceptable locations (SoCal).

  10. cardinal70 Says:

    I agree. This isn’t necessarily a bad trade, it’s just a sad and a somewhat discouraging one.

  11. Mike Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t list 32, but I can’t see it being issued for a couple more years. I don’t think we’ll see another 15 for a while either.

  12. cardinal70 Says:

    I’m with you. I think the “retired” numbers may equal the actual retired ones soon!

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