General Stuff

*Congrats to Future Redbirds for their 500,000 hit. They do some great work over there following the minors and probably are the second-most visited blog after VEB. Great job, guys!

*In case you are curious, this blog is just shy of reaching 5400 on the hit meter in exactly five months. Way off of 500,000, of course, but it makes me feel pretty good to know that someone is reading this stuff. And I really appreciate those that comment, because I hate feeling like I’m talking to myself.  I’m also proud of my fourth-place ranking in Cardinal blogs at  And everyone above me has multiple authors, so I’m the top solo artist.  (Hey, I’ll take what I can get!)

*For those of you that participated or were otherwise enthralled by the Cardinal Blogger Awards, you might be interested in this. The inspiration for that was the Boardie Awards at CCH, and the ballot for the fifth incarnation of those awards was posted today.

*A not-so-joyous comment for the holidays: Bernie says that there is “nothing going on…it’s going to be a hard winter.” He’s also not big on the signing Prior idea, though Deadspin does say that the Cards are very interested in him, though whether that is true or just Will Leitch wishful thinking, I don’t know.

*David Eckstein signed with the Blue Jays for one year. That market for shortstops dried up quickly. Hopefully he will have a good year with the Blue Jays. He had a great run as a Cardinal, but it was time to part ways.


3 Responses to “General Stuff”

  1. cards4life Says:

    hey, im #7, right behind fungoes…not a bad place to be. by the way, i’ve been blogging for about 2 years (not that anyone cares) and only got about 56,000 hits. i think you are ahead of my pace. so, you must be doing something right.

  2. Christie Says:

    Hey, I’ve been lurking here and at cardsclubhouse for a while, but never comment because I figure all of you guys can say things better than I ever could. Just wanted to say thanks for writing, I am a faithful reader and appreciate the work that goes into this blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. cardinal70 Says:

    Hey, don’t worry about how to say things. Just get in there and say them! Hope to see you posting soon at CCH, Christie!

    c4l, thanks for the kind words. No matter where you rank among the Cardinal blogs, it’s good company to be in. But I think I’m well behind your pace. Roughly 1000 a month=12,000 year=24,000 for two years. Looks like I need to pick it up some! 🙂

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