Judgment Day

Well, apparently, we get to talk about steroids again this weekend as a national baseball conversation.

  • The Cardinal Connection: Rick Ankiel was let off the hook for his use of HGH in the past. “Insufficient evidence” is not exactly a deafening “not guilty”, but it’s close enough for baseball work. Along with Ankiel, three others got that judgment, while Jay Gibbons and Jose Guillen got 15 days for their usage.
  • The Big Story: Barry Bonds goes to court today. Here’s a primer on that situation. Most people are figuring Bonds is done, but he still plans and wants to play next year. Good luck with that one, Barry. Unless your case gets thrown out today–and it won’t–there’s little chance a team will sign him with a trial and possibly a conviction looming. He’s not going to be on the field enough to justify it.
  • The Potentially Bigger Story: Watching ESPN this morning, they said that multiple outlets stated that the Mitchell Report, with its naming of players and everything, could be released today. I can’t find anything on the net about that, but I don’t think it’d be that surprising giving the steroid-related suspensions (and non-suspensions) of yesterday. And the Mitchell report will push everything off the front page and get a lot of people talking.

Other stuff: The Cardinals selected Brian Barton in the Rule V draft. Of course, Future Redbirds is all over that. It looks like a great move to me, as far as I can tell. He should be in the outfield mix and may allow us to move another outfielder in the right trade. Whatever that trade might be.


One Response to “Judgment Day”

  1. Rockin' the Red Says:

    I’m excited about Brian Barton. Much more than I was when we selected Hector Luna.

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