General Thoughts

Just some ramblings on a slow day:

*Some people get worked up too easily.  Both at CCH and at VEB, there were some that seemed to think the sky was falling with the LaRue signing.   It’s a backup catcher, signed to less than a million dollars.  Heck, they could sign me to that, and it wouldn’t be a big deal (though, obviously, not the best use of resources).  You might not agree that LaRue can do much, but he doesn’t have to.  It’s one of those deals that shouldn’t serve as any kind of indictment of ownership–the Brotherhood of Backup Catchers are all pretty much alike.

*One of the things that was the toughest about putting together the Cardinal Blogger Ballot was coming up with options for the Game of the Year.  At least, to me, there weren’t too many games that just stood out like in years past.  I mean, in 2006 we had the one-hitter by Anthony Reyes and a couple of 3 HR games by Albert Pujols.  In 2007?  Not so much.  But I think I’ve come up with a game that symbolizes the Cardinals’ season, so I will probably use that as my choice.  Bloggers, you are obviously allowed to use your own interpretation of the award.  Just like the writers do with the MVP!

*It’s looking more and more likely that David Eckstein will be back next year and on the Cardinals’ terms.  The White Sox traded for Orlando Cabrera.  The Mets re-signed Luis Castillo for their second base vacancy.  There’s just not many spots out there for him to land.  And few spots means little leverage.  It looks to me that the one year deal might become a reality.

*Maybe this should have been one of the arguments in Burwell’s book!

*It is possible that I’m thinking about this too much, since last night I had a dream I was with Mozeliak and TLR and I was asking Mozeliak questions about the Brazelton signing for this blog.  I gotta get out more.


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