Finally, Some Movement

The Cardinals signed three players today, two to minor league deals.  Let’s take a look.

*Jason LaRue was signed to a one-year deal to back up Yadier Molina.  At first glance, I thought this was a pretty good move, bringing more of a bat to the backup position than the Cardinals have had in recent memory.  And he definitely does have some pop, with 88 home runs in nine seasons, an average of a home run every 27 AB.  However, it’s been three years since he had a batting average over .200 and his career mark is just .233.  He will bring a bit of a power threat off the bench, but it probably won’t be anything consistent.  That said, for a backup and for under a million dollars, it’s not a bad signing.

*John Wasdin was signed to a minor league deal.  Wasdin, a relief pitcher who has been bouncing around since his debut in 1995, really doesn’t seem to be more than organizational fodder.  He’s never posted an ERA under 4.12 and has a career mark of 5.28 in just under 800 innings.

*The intriguing (well, as much as any of these names are) name is Dewon Brazleton.  Brazleton was a former first round pick of the Devil Rays (well, just the Rays now) and was highly thought of coming out of college.  He never really clicked in the majors, though.  He’s got an 8-25 record in the bigs and was traded from the Rays to the Padres in a deal of failed prospects (the Rays received Sean Burroughs).  He’s bounced around in minors since then, not making an appearance in MLB since 2006.  If someone has seen something, that they can make something click for him, this could have huge upside.  He’s 27, so he is entering his prime.  That said, the possibilities of that click happening are pretty remote.

So, it’s not a lot, but it’s something.  Finally!


One Response to “Finally, Some Movement”

  1. Says:

    It is something.
    LaRue for $850,000 is ok by me.

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