Rounding Third

It’s not Cardinal baseball, but with little going on in that arena, it seemed fitting to take a little time out to recognize the passing of Joe Nuxall.

Sure, Joe was a player.  His first outing, famously, was against the Cardinals when he was just shy of 16–yes, 16–years old.  Not surprisingly, the nerves showed in facing players like Stan Musial and he was tattooed for five runs in the outing.

Eight years later, he made it back to the Reds for his real career.  He had success and failure, like most every other player.  He bounced around a little toward the end of his career, but he was always a Red at heart, being an Ohio boy.

While his playing background is well remembered, his legacy was on the radio.  Teamed with Marty Brennaman for 28 years, Marty and Joe were the background of Ohio afternoons and evenings just like Jack Buck and Mike Shannon were here in St. Louis.

My father-in-law is a huge Reds fan and listens to Marty and Joe on a daily basis.  I came to appreciate them from listening to him talk about their broadcasts.  There are a lot of sad people in that area today, as the ol’ lefthander has finally rounded third and has headed home.


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