A Blog Rundown

There’s not much to say today that other people aren’t saying better, so let’s see what they are saying.  Of course, all of these topics can be discussed further at your local Cardinal message board.  I know the Clubhouse has threads on just about all of them.

*Molina loses out on a Gold Glove.  Bird Land really lays out the unjustice, and I have to agree.  Any catcher that stops the running game like Yadier does, that makes the first base pickoff a legitimate option, has to be the Gold Glover.  I don’t think I’d ever seen a 1-3 pickoff until Molina, and now it’s almost a regular occurrence.  Others talking about this: Bernie’s Extra Points, Deaner at Cardinal Nation Globe, and a diary at VEB.  Pujols was denied a glove as well, which was in and of itself an injustice, but nothing compares to Molina not getting one.  Hopefully next year they’ll both be able to take home the hardware.  The tough 2007 Cardinal season continues, it appears.

*Tom over at CardinalsGM gets you ready for next year’s fantasy season (because, in my mind, you never start that early enough) with a look at the top players.

*The Cardinals have declined the option on outfielder So Taguchi.  Pip at Fungoes has a mixed take on this one.   I’ve appreciated what So has done here in St. Louis, but it probably is time to move on, especially since outfield is a place the team is deep at.  Stan Musial’s Stance has a fitting tribute to the outfielder.

*Along with the daily prospect report, Erik at Future Redbirds is already looking forward to next year’s first-year draft with his projection of who the Cards will take.

*Dan at Get Up, Baby! looks back at Scott Rolen’s lost season and discusses why not to trade him right now.  I’m a Rolen fan and I’m of the opinion that he’ll be an asset for the team next year.  As Dan says, though, even if you aren’t sold on that, you can’t trade him now because his value is so low.

*Readin’ Redbird has the news that Curt Schilling is going back to Boston.  That’s not a huge surprise–a one year deal for a guy that’s legendary in the organization and wants to retire a Red Sox?  Even the traditionally unsentimental Theo Epstein had to go for that one.  And, as I’ve said, it doesn’t bother me that he’s not coming to St. Louis.

*And Whiteyball is doing a link post.  What kinda cop-out is that?


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  1. TheBoss Says:

    C70, thanks for the rundown…helps me to keep up.

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