What the Eck?

First off, my latest interview for CardsClubhouse is up at the site.  This one is with Post-Dispatch writer Derrick Goold.

If you check out Derrick’s blog, you’ll see he has a rundown of possible replacements for David Eckstein.  Right now (basically because there’s little else to talk about), Eckstein seems to be the hot topic.   The consensus I’ve seen seems to be that the Cardinals should thank him for his service but look elsewhere for the next person to roam the left side of the Cardinal infield.

That said, not a lot of the possibilities listed at Bird Land excite me all that much.  Miguel Tejada, sure, he’d be fun, but could we really come up with something that’d get him?  A Duncan/Reyes trade would be palatable, but would Baltimore really do that?  If it was possible to get him, I’d be pretty intrigued, looking at his past line.  He’s only 31 (younger than I thought) and still seems to have the potential for .300/30/100, which would be really nice hitting behind Pujols.

Jack Wilson seems like maybe a little more buff version of Eckstein.  He’s bounced between .250 and .290 the last few years and will be lucky to put up double-digit home runs.  I’m afraid Pittsburgh would possibly ask for more than he’s worth, even with the GM change.  Littlefield often had an inflated view of his players, at least when it came to the Cardinals asking.  When the Cubs were asking, that was a different story.  But with the new GM, all bets are off.

Jhonny Peralta would bring a big bat, but I think Cardinal fans would quickly sour on his defense.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a less-than-adequate shortstop wearing the Birds on the Bat.

If Eckstein would come at a reasonable price, I would say that it’s not a terrible option, especially because Brendan Ryan is not likely the long-term solution, no more than Joe McEwing or Bo Hart was.  He may be more talented than those guys, but I still don’t think he’s an everyday player.


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