Curt and Colby

The GM meetings start today in Florida, and Derrick Gould has a good primer on them and the off-season activity that may get started at those meetings.

The biggest name tied at all to the Cardinals is former World Series MVP Curt Schilling.  Owner of three rings and one of the top pitchers in the game, at least in his prime, a team that was hurting so much for pitching last year has to be in contact with a guy like that.

I’m not seeing the attraction.  Well, to be more accurate, I don’t share in the attraction.  Don’t get me wrong.  Schilling still has some left in the tank, as evidenced by his 9 win, 3.87 ERA season in a very tough division.  Schilling could move to the NL Central and probably post 10 wins and a 3.60 ERA.  So that’s not the problem.

The problem is, without a fairly serious makeover, the Cardinals aren’t going to be that competitive in 2008.  Sure, there’s hope that Rolen will rebound from the surgery (and I do think his numbers will improve over last year’s) and Pujols shouldn’t have that slow start again, but you can’t count on Edmonds to be better and this team was deep on the wrong side of the run differential issue last year.  It’s not that one pitcher will get us over the hump.  Make the team better, sure, but is it worth $12-$13 million to finish over .500?

I’d much rather see them save up some of that money and go after some of the stud younger pitchers that are going to be on the market after 2008.  To be able to invest in a top pitcher to go along with Wainwright and Carpenter, plus some of the young talent that is starting to work its way to St. Louis would be a much better idea, even if 2008 has to be sacrificed.

Speaking of young talent, over at FR the guys have ranked their top prospects, and of course Mr. Rasmus comes in at #1.  The raves, though, are even more exciting.  For some time, I’ve been interested in Rasmus, but was wondering if he was just the best of a bad lot, a guy that’d be a solid player but not a superstar.  That doesn’t seem to be the case to the FR crew, and they know their minors quite well.

Someone over at VEB tossed out the idea that Rasmus start 2008 in St. Louis instead of working in Memphis.  I was interested to see that not only was that idea not really shot down but embraced.  Of course, it would mean that someone, most likely Duncan (because Edmonds isn’t real tradable and the organization has too much invested in Ankiel to have him blossom elsewhere) would have to be traded, because he’d need regular playing time, but with ’08 already possibly a lost cause, it’d be interesting to see him learn on the job.

I’m sure nothing would be determined until spring training (though he is hitting .286 with 4 doubles for Team USA this winter, which may get the big brass thinking), but with a strong spring or a possibility of getting a young ace for Duncan, he could start out as a Cardinal next year and give us fans even more to follow during the summer.


5 Responses to “Curt and Colby”

  1. edk218 Says:

    IMO you have to think the same way about Schilling and Rasmus. If you think the Cards have a good shot at competing next year you put the best team you can on the field. But if you don’t, like you say $12-$13 million could be used elsewhere, and also don’t start Rasums at the ML level. There is no reason in a “lost” season to start his Arb/Free Agency clock when he can develop almost as much at a lower level and we have a log jam of OF as it is. As much as it would be give me something else to be excited, thinking of it from the business side and the future of the Cardinals it makes sense to hold off letting Rasmus accrue service time until the team can make a run.

  2. cardinal70 Says:

    That is the drawback to having him start in the majors in ’08, that’s true.

    But how much more can he learn at the minors? I guess that’s the key. Do we want him figuring out the majors in ’09 and ’10 when we are going to be competitive, or do we want him adjusted and acclimated?

    I agree, though, that the arbitration/free agency clock is a drawback to having him start in St. Louis.

  3. Says:

    Let CR hit AAA pitching all year until September. This is, afterall, probably a rebuilding year. Also, let’s just say NO on Schilling. Too much money for a pitcher that probably is not going to be a difference maker.

    Then again, we didn’t miss by much this year, did we?

  4. cardinal70 Says:

    No, we didn’t. But the Central will be better next year.

    The Brewers should be able to take the title without sliding as they did last year.

    The Reds may improve as well, though I’m not sold on Dusty Baker’s managing.

    Add to that the fact that the Cardinals well outperformed their stats last year and some of that will catch up to them and you are looking at a bleak 2008.

    Rasmus will probably be in Memphis for a while this year. But it’ll be intriguing if he’s up early.

  5. MikeontheCards Says:

    I also would prefer if Rasmus was in AAA most of the year. He certainly is a player to get excited about, but playing everyday in AAA certainly couldn’t hurt him and his development. I’m excited to see him this spring. Roger Dean Stadium is only about 40 minutes from my place.

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