Personal Accountability

We’ll be doing a critique of the moderator selections at CCH after the awards are handed out, but here is my own personal owning up.  On my personal blog back in March, I posted this:

AL: Red Sox, White Sox, Angels, Indians as the wild card.
NL: Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers, Brewers as the wild card.
World Series: Angels over Cardinals

So, did I do any good?  The Red Sox did win the division, for the first time in a long time.  The White Sox were terrible, barely edging out Kansas City to stay out of the cellar.  The Angels did win their division, and the Indians did better than the wild card, taking the division title.

On the NL side, things were much, much worse.  The Mets’ historic collapse robbed me of the chance to get any of them right.  We know all about the Cardinals, the Dodgers finished fourth in a tightly contested NL West, and the Brewers almost made the playoffs as a divisional winner before fading and letting the Cubs sneak past them.

And my World Series matchup was destroyed entirely when the Sox swept the Angels.

Next year’s picks can’t be much worse, right?


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