More Mozeliak Reaction

I will say, after seeing Chris Antonetti’s comments in the Post-Dispatch today (as highlighted by VEB), that I feel a little better about the Mozeliak hiring.  Specifically, that it wasn’t organizational or territory issues that sent Antonetti back to Cleveland, more that the place he knew and liked upped the ante to keep him.  In that case, there’s not much you can do but move on.  I’m a homebody, so I know that if the place I was at made my job more attractive, I’d be much more willing to stay.

I found this at the bottom of the article linked to above:

“I really think the biggest difference is going to be how we make decisions, how we get there and really looking at the process,” said Mozeliak.

“As a whole, the environment will be one that encourages open thinking,” insisted Mozeliak, who acknowledged his ties to Jocketty but added, “I think moving forward and thinking ahead, I will be my own man.”

If the process of making decisions does get a revamp, with more and varied input, then that’s a good thing.  One of the best things a person from the outside would have brought was a new perspective and new ideas.  If you can’t get that, then relooking at how you do things is probably the next best thing.

We’ll see if Mozeliak will be his “own man” in the days and weeks to come.  He’s burdened with an almost $100 million payroll for a team that isn’t that exciting, so his hands may be tied somewhat.  Or it may become an opportunity for creativity, for putting these decision-making changes to work.


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