Missed Opportunities

As you should know by now, the Cardinals announced today the hiring of John Mozeliak as general manager, to replace Walt Jocketty, after first choice Chris Antonetti rejected their offer.  Derrick Gould has a primer on the new GM up at the PD website.

I expected an announcement today, but I sure didn’t expect it to be Mozeliak.  In my opinion, this whole offseason has been a chance to do things differently, to shake up the structure that was getting stale.  Now, we have the same manager and the assistant GM that’s been here forever as well.  As I said at VEB, instead of a shakeup, the organization is getting lightly stirred.

Ownership really should take a hard look at something.  You have a storied franchise.  You are willing to pay the top guy a good salary.  He comes and interviews and sounds enthused.  Then, he doesn’t take the job.   And while there is a lot of talk about possibly Cleveland’s GM moving up and Antonetti taking that spot, there’s also a lot of speculation that Antonetti and others in the interview process were turned off by the potential lack of control that they’d have in their duties.

So when you have top talent telling you this, you can do one of two things:

1) Make major changes and guarantees that the GM’s word goes or

2) Go for the backup guy.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals chose #2.  While I don’t hold anything against Mozeliak (though his moves as interim GM were uninspired and some unnecessary), the Cardinals had a chance to make the big play, to get the splash they needed to start the next Cardinal tidal wave.  Instead, it’s a small pebble dropped into the Mississippi.


8 Responses to “Missed Opportunities”

  1. tom@cardinalsgm.com Says:

    I think everything will work out. Where is everyone coming up with this idea that TLR is running the show? Mozeliak will not want to be known as a puppet. Luhnow now has more of DeWitt’s ear than in the past.

    Look for a great relationship between Mo and Luhnow.

  2. whiteyball Says:

    I would hope that Mo would want to get out of Walt’s shadow and make a big splash. But I would be willing to bet that the big splash will not involve some of Luhnow’s prized prospects.

  3. cardinal70 Says:

    It may work out. I wouldn’t argue that it’s possible that Mozeliak can work with all the factions in the front office.

    But sometimes perception is reality. A big name brought in and given a shot would have, at the very least, brought some new ideas into the organization. Whether Antonetti would have worked out better than Mo, who knows. But the perception would have been that the ownership realized it was time for some change instead of apparently staying with the status quo.

  4. tom@cardinalsgm.com Says:

    How would Antonetti be a big name?

    No way, he is an asst and very little name recognition beyond his circle.

  5. cardinal70 Says:

    I don’t know what you are considering “his circle”. Would the casual fan who keeps up during the year know him? No, not at all. But they wouldn’t know anyone that did get hired. Heck, half of them probably couldn’t have named Jocketty when he was there.

    But when you talk about the industry and the reports out of it, right now Antonetti is considered the biggest potential GM out there. The Cardinals had a chance to land the best in the field and they weren’t able to.

    So, big name not in the general public’s sense, but in the sense that he’s the best in his field.

  6. tom@cardinalsgm.com Says:


    Where is that list?

    If you only read the PD then they made him out to be the “savior” to swoop in and mend the aches.

    We got a guy that WANTS to be here. He will work his “darndest” to make it work.

    A big splash hiring is for show.

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