Who Would You Be?

It’s Halloween, which got me to thinking. If money was no object, and you didn’t have to worry about race or gender, which Cardinal would you be for Halloween? You’ve got your classic types:

  • The Hero. In Cardinal Nation, Superman and Batman are Pujols and Musial. Add in other superstars like Brock, Gibson and Ozzie and you have your own Justice League.
  • The Scientist. No need for the lab coat and Bunsen burner, but you could take the braintrust types like Bing Devine, Walt Jocketty, Tony LaRussa or add a dash of “mad” with the White Rat.
  • The Historical Figure.  Lincoln?  Reagan?  Who needs them when you could be Ducky Medwick or Jesse Haines.
  • The Bad Guy. Staying in the Cardinal realm it is a little harder to come up with the evil villain. Perhaps Garry Templeton for his bird-like salute to the fans. Obviously, anyone in a Cubs uniform would qualify here, but that’s not what we are going for.
  • The Scary Beings. No ghosts or monsters are required here when you could choose from the terribly frightening Danny Jackson, Jeff Brantley, Estaban Yan or Kip Wells. Not as many scary hitters to select, though perhaps the flop that was Bob Horner would qualify.

Me, I think I’d be painting my glove gold, practicing my back flip, and throwing a #1 jersey on my back. Ozzie was my favorite Cardinal growing up and he’d always be my first choice. And after all, what’s Halloween without a Wizard?


3 Responses to “Who Would You Be?”

  1. cards4life Says:

    i think i would be spiderman, also known as jim edmonds. i became a dihard cards fan in the 2000 season when jimmy came over to the cards. he has been and will always be my favorite player.

  2. Rockin' the Red Says:

    I would have to be Jim Edmonds also. There’s nothing like scaling a wall to rob a home run…

  3. TheBoss Says:

    I think I’d be Willie McGee, because he’s scary to look at…

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