Short Series?

The Rockies gave it a valiant effort last night, but they came up short again, which puts them in a large hole, as I mentioned yesterday.

It did give me something to think about, though.  Ever since the whole “this game counts”/All-Star Game determining home field fiasco (don’t get me started on it, I’ll go all day), the American League has won home field advantage.  The downside to that is that no AL team has clinched the Series on their home field since 1999 (pre-ASG change) when the Yankees swept the Braves.

In 2003, the first year of the changes, the Marlins won in Yankee Stadium.  2004, the Red Sox swept the Cardinals and celebrated, movie stars and all, in Busch Stadium.  2005, the White Sox did the same to the Astros.  And, of course, in 2006, the Cardinals got to involve the home fans by clinching at home.

Can the Rockies force the Series back to Boston?  Sure, they can.  But will they?  I don’t know.  Baseball has a way of evening things out.  You’ll see long winning streaks followed up by a few losing streaks during the season.  21-1 wasn’t sustainable, obviously, but the pendulum may be swinging the other way.

I hope that if the Rockies are going to lose it, they lose it in Colorado.  Red Sox Nation can be obnoxious enough without them tearing up Fenway in celebration.


3 Responses to “Short Series?”

  1. ericpalmieri Says:

    It would be amazing if the Sox could win it at home. But, all in all, I just want them to win it. I don’t really care where it happens.

  2. Oberkfell3B Says:

    I’m with you C70 in I want the Sox celebration to be on the road, if it happens. I wonder if their fanbase realize how negatively their post-series win in 2004 hurt their image?

    Go Rockies. I still hold out hope for them.

  3. cardinal70 Says:

    There’s some hope, but it’s pretty faint. The fat lady is warming up, but it’s not like elimination isn’t something that they’ve faced before.

    I think some in their fanbase realize that, in more than a few eyes, the Yankees and Red Sox are almost interchangeable. Overcovered teams with excitable fan bases that spend tons of money and win often. For example, there was this column written a few days ago.

    There are a number of classy Red Sox fans, don’t get me wrong, just like there are, I’m sure, Cardinal fans who are jerks. But the oversaturation of the media after 2004 really left a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

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