Quick Hits

Sorry for the short posts, but I’m out of the office this week doing an audit and trying to get these in before I head out.

  • Josh Beckett is just about untouchable.  Give him a run in the first, and it’s basically over.  He’s given up 4 runs in 30 post-season innings this year.  The first inning he threw in the 2003 NLCS, he gave up 4 runs.  In the rest of his post-season career (71.2 innings), he’s given up 11.  He’s never lost a post-season game.  There’s a reason he’s up there with Christy Mathewson and Mariano Rivera in post-season ERA.
  • The Rockies have to win tonight.  It’ll be tough with Schilling on the mound, but you can’t afford to get down 2-0.  You assume Beckett would win game 5.  That means, if the Rox lost tonight, they’d have to win every other game in the Series.  And winning two elimination games in Fenway would be very tough, especially since they could bring Beckett out of the pen for a couple of innings if they had a slim lead.
  • The Cardinals released Mike Maroth.  I don’t think that was a huge surprise.  He seemed like a great guy on a personal level, but save that first start against the Reds, he never showed anything that made you think, “Hey, he can turn it around.”  Even Kip Wells gave some hope now and then.

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