Quick GM Note

If you’ve not been there yet today, check out VEB.  Larry lays out a logical case that the new GM will be Chris Antonetti.  He also links to this USS Mariner piece that helps gives some background on the guy.  Sounds good, all the way around.  Hope that gets done this week.

Some interesting things coming out of the press conference yesterday.  Check out the bloglinks for good discussion on TLR.


2 Responses to “Quick GM Note”

  1. Rockin' the Red Says:

    I did some google searching on Antonetti yesterday, and what I found really impressed me. There’s a particular article where it discusses the decision to let Jim Thome walk, citing total percentage of team salary and whatnot. It seems that with Antonetti, we wouldn’t have such terribly big contracts to aging vets. He probably takes the $18 M contract due to Jim Edmonds and makes it $9 M with lots of incentives…

  2. cardinal70 Says:

    Which sounds good to me. Obviously, there are exceptions (Albert Pujols should never play anywhere but St. Louis, even if he’s 53 and hitting .277), but that’s a sound philosophy on which to base an organization.

    Everything sounds positive on him, and if the Cards go that route, I think it’s a big sea change in the organization.

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