LaRussa is Back

At least, that’s what Bernie is saying.  A 1 PM press conference will tell us more about it.  I’m sure the various forums around the net (most certainly CardsClubhouse) will be great places to be today before and after the press conference.  As for me, I think it’s probably the best move, if, and only if, TLR realizes that 1) he may have to submerge his wants to what the GM wants, especially if the philosophy is to swing toward player development and 2) the GM gets the final call.  I’m afraid that we’ll have a situation where the GM feels like the owner is listening more to the manager than to him.  Hopefully the chain of command and areas of responsibility will be all lined out.

Purely on the field and dealing with the players, though, I think it’s a fine move.  There aren’t too many better in the clubhouse, really.  He knows the organization, etc.  Now, it would be nice if he’d spend some time grooming a successor (Oquendo?), because I figure the end of this contract should be the end of his career.  Three years, at his age, gives him a chance to have a nice swan song.

(I know, it’s rare for me to have two posts up within an hour.  Regular readers–if there are any!–get a treat today!)


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