Thoughts on Game 4, AL Style

First off, I saw this quote at Deadspin today and I thought it was a classic:

The Red Sox have turned into the Yankees, and suddenly, their quirks and eccentricities aren’t charming anymore. When Manny poses after hitting a home run that brings his team within four runs, it’s not funny or cute: He’s just being a [jerk]. And Manny’s one of the likable ones! The Red Sox have the only player in the major leagues who Cardinals fans boo.

Emphasis mine on the end, but I thought that was great. And it’s close to true–JD will never get a warm reception in St. Louis, even if I think it’s overrated and he was the whipping boy while he was there. (Though he did bring some of it on himself.)

Anyway, Cleveland moves one step closer to the inevitable “Cleveland Rock(ie)s” headlines for the World Series. A matchup between a team that’s never one and a team that’s not won in a really, really long time. It may not be a high-rated Series, but I think it’d be a good one. (Plus, a little deja vu for the Indians, since they were in the Series in 1997 and lost to an expansion team from 1993. I’m sure they’d want a different outcome this time.)

Problem is, the ALCS isn’t over yet. If the Sox could pick a pitcher to keep their season alive, it’d be Josh Beckett. He’s looked great this postseason, and he’s already beaten Sabathia once. Put that with the fact that a lot of this team remembers climbing out of the 3-0 hole in 2004 and it’s not like they are going to roll over and play dead.

I do think, though, Sabathia should be better this time around. Fewer nerves, pitching at home, etc. And Cleveland has shown that if you can get around Ortiz and Ramirez, you can breathe a lot easier with the rest of the Sox lineup.

And isn’t it ironic that baseball added in more off days to get the World Series to start on a Wednesday–and we’ve had so many short series that there have been many days without any games at all?


3 Responses to “Thoughts on Game 4, AL Style”

  1. Cardinalsgirl06 Says:

    That quote is classic! However, JD is not the Sox player I will openly boo! Manny is a hot head and I hate when players pat themselves on the back every second of the game!
    I really hope the Indians hold on to their lead and finish it tonight! You’re right about the TV ratings, but I think the series will be a good one with the Rockies and the Indians!
    Why are there more off days?! And why have the Red Sox benefited most from those days! In the ALDS, they played pretty much every other day! I realize that for TV purposes, all four games couldn’t be played at one time, but why did only one team, well, I guess the Angels too, have a more relaxing schedule?!
    I’m rooting for a Rockies-Indians World Series! It’s Rocktober!!!

  2. cardinal70 Says:

    Well, to be fair, the NLCS was supposed to have the same type of scheduling. The Rockies and D-Backs were supposed to be off Wednesday (during ALCS Game 4) and play yesterday (during the ALCS off day). With the Rockies sweeping, however, that didn’t happen.

    As for the ALDS, the Sox, being the best record, got to pick whether they wanted Game 1-off-Game 2-off-Game 3-Game 4-Game 5 or off-G1-G2-off-G3-G4-G5. The selection was new for this year.

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