Pineiro Signs

According to the Post-Dispactch, Pineiro has come to terms with the Cardinals. It’s a two-year deal, with financial terms not announced.

Those financial terms are going to make the difference between this being a good signing or a bad one. Pineiro had some success in St. Louis, it’s true, but he seemed to get hit hard a lot, even if those balls found gloves. I’m afraid he might come down to earth somewhat.

That said, if they can get him for #4 money, then that’s a good deal. The deal is supposed to be worth more than his $4 million contract from the Red Sox, so how much more will be key.

It also lends credence to the idea that John Mozeliak will be the GM, because right now the off-season is running on auto-pilot as they bring back a lot of the players that were on such a weak team last year. These are deals that Jocketty would have done. Heck, they are deals a trained monkey could have done by now.

I was hoping to see more of a shakeup and a different direction from the front office if Walt was going to be let go. Right now, I’m not seeing that. Which means many of the arguments for Walt’s departure are ringing hollow now.

EDIT: CCH thread and VEB thread.  Two very different perspectives on the deal, which is 2 years/$13 million, apparently.


2 Responses to “Pineiro Signs”

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    […] in, but he also pitched well enough to get a new contract from the team. I’m on record saying I think he’ll regress somewhat next year, but if this turnaround was a sign of things to come, he’ll be a big help […]

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    […] “lucky” pitcher.  Hard hit balls became double plays, etc.  That’s one reason I wasn’t too excited about his return.  LaRussa and Duncan say that he was just tipping his pitches and they’ve fixed that.  […]

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