Rockies Continue Roll

The Rockies roll continued last night.  I wasn’t able to see much of it, and I know blogs like Purple Row and AZ Snake Pit will cover it way more throughly and intelligently than I would ever dream of, since their teams are involved.  That, of course, doesn’t stop me for making ill-informed comments.  I am a blogger, after all.

The Rockies’ run of 18-1 (counting their perfect 4-0 postseason record) has to be one of the most amazing and incredible baseball streaks of all time.  I mean, you have the miracle Boston Braves of 1914, but they started their run around July 4th.  While still extremely impressive, it wasn’t the time crunch, everyday-is-an-elimination-day that this Rockies run is.  If the Rockies had lost just once more in that 15 games span in the regular season, they’d have had a nice 13-2 stretch (12-2 if they lost before the playoff game with the Padres) and still been sitting at home right now.  That’s what’s hard to believe–how good they’ve been with the pressure on.

Honestly, I expected them to lose the NLCS.  I mean, baseball is a game of runs, and the runs tend to even out over time.  The Rockies had been so good for so long, it was about time for the balancing.  With Brandon Webb on the mound, I figured they would get down 1-0 in the series and things would start unraveling from there.  I still expected seven games, but for Arizona to move on.  The only thing bugging me about the D-Backs was their season-long run differential, with them being outscored by their opponents.

Webb was the only pitcher to beat the Rockies in the last 19 games, as you’ve heard by now, I’m sure.  Of course, as Jayson Stark says in his column today, that was the abberration, as the Rockies seem to own Webb like few teams do.  Most everyone struggles against that dominant sinker.  The Rockies aren’t everyone.

So now the Rockies have a one game lead, home field advantage back, and the knowledge that they can still beat the D-Backs ace, who they will see at least once more.  Right now, it’s hard to go against the Purple Monster.

Game 2 of that series follows Game 1 of the ALCS tonight.  Sabathia vs. Beckett should be a heck of a game.  Go Indians!


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