The Waiting Game

Dewitt says he wants a decision soon.  LaRussa says he’s not committing until there’s a GM.  Who will blink first?  Will LaRussa get the heads up on the finalists and decide he can live with any of them?  Will Dewitt hurry his GM decision?  Or will Dewitt come out and say, “Look, we have to move on.  We love Tony, but we can’t wait any longer on his decision?”

Part of me thinks it’s going to be the latter.  I would hope we’d have a new GM on the job before the end of the World Series, when the off-season really gets going.  Losing out on free agents because we don’t have a team in place would be unacceptable in my view.  Let’s not drag this out–announce a GM this week (assuming it’s not Tom, of course) and hit the ground running.

Of course, a manager needs to be in place pretty much immediately as well.  I’m guessing part of the interview process is to see what kind of manager this GM would want to work with and if there are any names they have in mind.  Then they can go straight into the manager hire, if it’s not LaRussa.

The Arizona Fall League has started up.  Of course, Future Redbirds will be all over that, plus there’s a dedicated thread to it over at CardsClubhouse.


One Response to “The Waiting Game”

  1. Deaner Says:

    This chess match is brutal to watch.

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