General Note

I mentioned before that I did an interview with Larry Borowsky of VEB for CardsClubhouse. That interview has now been joined by ones with Erik Manning of Future Redbirds and with Ben Chiswick, broadcaster and PR man for the Swing of the Quad Cities, the Cardinals’ Single-A team.

At least one more should be coming soon after the season is over, with another one possible. If anyone knows any one connected to the Cardinals or their minors that would like to do an e-mail interview, please let me know.


2 Responses to “General Note”

  1. cards4life Says:

    hey cardinal70, i enjoyed those interviews with fellow bloggers erik and larry. i would really love it if you can do one with dan up of get up, baby! and pip of fungoes. those guys have great blogs and seem to have been blogging about the cards for a while now. also, maybe one with matthew leach if possible.

  2. cardinal70 Says:

    I have questions in to Matthew Leach right now, so hopefully he’ll get some answers to me after the season is over. I’ll keep those other guys in mind–they do have some good blogs.

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