Another Down

On the roller-coaster of this season, we should have known that the up of a good series with the Phillies culminating in an extra-inning win meant we were set up for the down of a huge blowout. It’s never a good thing when two of your position players have pitched in the same year. Miles, however, didn’t have the stuff Spiezio did. (And as an aside, does that take some of the luster off of J.R. Towles’s first home run? When he’s telling the grandkids, do you think he’ll leave out the part that he hit it off a second baseman?)

VEB did an analysis earlier in the year of blowout (i.e., 5 runs or more) wins and losses and noted this team was well on its way to setting franchise marks in the loss category. When I have time, I’m going to look back and see how many times this team has lost by 10 or more runs or at least given up double digits. It seems like it’s going to be a large percentage of games.

I know I’d read that Houston’s minor league system wasn’t impressive, but this group of youngsters posted 15 on Sunday and 18 today. Seems to me they have an explosive quality, at least while no one has scouting reports on them. That might change after they’ve been around the league a while.

Cards and Astros back at it tonight. Joel Pineiro vs. Brandon Backe. No telling what we’ll get, whether the roller coaster has farther down to go or it’s started back on the upward swing.


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