Riding the Wagon(maker)

Another amazing quality turn by a Cardinal pitcher today. Adam Wainwright (which, for those that don’t know, means “wagonmaker”, thus the title) really stepped up, throwing shutout ball through 7 innings before turning it over to a solid if unsung bullpen. The Cardinals haven’t had a non-quality start since Looper’s game against the Padres, which ironically was a win for the Cardinals anyway as he allowed 4 runs in 6.1 innings. The last real ugly start would be Pineiro against Washington when he allowed 5 runs (4 earned) in five innings. It’s all about the pitching, folks.

And apparently Yadier Molina already thinks it is the postseason, because he busted out the big bat today with two home runs and a single to boot. Until the five-run ninth (continuing the blowout streak), his 3 RBI were the only runs of the game. Some real nice stat work in the VEB game thread today, showing that if you take out about a two week period after his wrist injury, Molina is hitting around .280 on the year, with about a .370 slugging. Not bad out of our no-hit catcher.

Cubs are beating up on the Reds, so it looks like the Cards will go into the four-game set tomorrow afternoon trailing the Cubs by 2 and the Brewers by 2.5. Win 3 of 4 against those Cubs and we can really get excited. And the way the pitching staff is going, that’s a strong possibility. Looper going tomorrow in Wrigley does worry me somewhat, but hopefully he can limit the damage and the bats will make the trip to the Windy City.


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