Still In The Race

So Kip Wells starts out making me look terrible then pitches yet another quality start, plus has a great night at the plate. I don’t know if the Cardinals do something different in preparing their pitchers to hit. A quick look around the Net doesn’t provide me with any numbers to compare the hitting for different pitching staffs, but it always seems like the Cardinal pitchers are able to help themselves and have multiple-hit games a little more often than you’d expect. Anyone that knows where I can find the stats to back this up or disprove it, please post in the comments.

Apparently Jim Edmonds is going to be available down the stretch. The real Jim Edmonds, that is. Getting a rare start against the lefty–I know they are saying Juan Encarnacion can’t play due to some nagging knee pain, but I’m still not sure that it’s not partly a LaRussa dog-house issue–he got 4 hits and drove in 3. If his bat is back, the lineup looks much stronger. And with the pitching that the team has right now, the offense doesn’t have to be terrible strong anyway.

Tonight’s game pits Joel Pineiro vs. Brewer phenom Yovani Gallardo. We still don’t know what we have with Pineiro yet. The Washington game was pretty ugly, but the Padres game was very nice. The Brewers have more firepower than the Padres do, however, so he’s going to have to make sure to keep the ball down or it could be a long night. The Cards still need to win at least one of the next two, and hopefully both of them will fall in the win column.

Keeping an eye on the other team in the mix, the Cubs host the Cincinnati Reds. They do have Ted Lilly, one of their most consistent starters, going for them against a rookie Red, so on paper the Cubs are favored. However, that is why they play the games and we can hope for a Red uprising.


One Response to “Still In The Race”

  1. Rockin' the Red Says:

    C70 – great site. I was wondering if you could put me in your blogroll. Here’s hoping Joel can continue the string of quality starts tonight…

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