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A Little More Conversation

So yesterday, I mentioned that Looper was hitting the wall. I didn’t realize that he was going to hit it going 60 mph. The FSN was again not being shown down here last night (something I will definitely have to check on if it continues after my vacation) so I was spared the graphic violence that was Pittsburgh against the Cardinal pitching staff. Even Jack Bauer winced under that kind of torture. Mike Maroth has likely thrown his last pitches for the Cardinals, as a move will have to be made this weekend to activate Tyler Johnson. If he won’t accept an assignment to Memphis, I’d think he would be DFAd. Something has to give, even in this clubhouse where mediocre results are considered a positive step.

Also, in the game thread at the Clubhouse yesterday, I tossed in this note: “The Pittsburgh starter is 0-3 with an ERA about 7. This typically means the Cardinals will struggle to get three hits in the game.” Sometimes I wish this team wasn’t quite as predictable as it is.

Speaking of predictable, I had to laugh at the line in the official site’s game preview: “Opposing Reyes will be Shane Youman, a pitcher who has two qualities that suggest he’ll have a good chance against the Redbirds: he’s left-handed, and they’ve never seen him before.” There’s no doubt left-handed soft tossers drive the Cards up the wall. This has been an organizational weakness for at least 4-5 years, even during the strong 2004-2005 campaigns. When my son (now 2 1/2) started throwing balls, he did it left-handed (sadly, I think he’s moved over to righty status now) and I was fairly sure that he could keep the Cards down for six innings as well.

I’ve got hope, though. I believe Anthony Reyes can come out and take care of this Pirates team and the Cards will be able to score enough to win the game for him. We’ve got an early start (before noon here in the Central time zone) so we’ll find out soon enough, but my gut feeling is that Reyes knows he’s pitching to stay out of Memphis, because even with Maroth’s struggles, you can’t rule out this regime sending him back down if he struggles.

I don’t usually do predictions, but I’m saying a 3-1 Cardinal win in a very quickly played game.

Programming note: I am leaving tomorrow on a week-long trip, hitting St. Louis tomorrow and then spending the rest of the time in Ohio (Reds country). I don’t expect to have much internet access or be able to keep up quite as much with the Cards, so don’t expect another post here until the 12th or 13th, somewhere in there. Hopefully the Cubs will be out of first place and the Cards closing in on the top spot by time I get back.


One thought on “A Little More Conversation

  1. I’m with you on predicting Reyes has a great start, maybe his best this season. But, that doesn’t mean the Cardinals’ bats will amount to much against another unknown lefty. It is getting almost comical at how opponents are throwing these guys up there against us. Then again, it isn’t funny.

    I also predict a Bonds HR tonight. Finally, we are closer to getting him into “the past” rather than “the present”.

    See you tomorrow.

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