First Move Made

The Cardinals have acquired Joel Pineiro from the Red Sox for a minor leaguer to be named later. And Cardinal Nation collectively says, “Huh?”

I mean, he was a name that was floated in the offseason, but we’ve gotten quite a collection of starter/reliever types with middling-to-worse results. I know Pineiro had some success in Seattle and he’s only 29, but asking Dave Duncan to fix yet another one seems to be pushing the boundaries of believability.

Walt had some practice with designated-for-assignment types last year, as apparently Pineiro is. Jeff Weaver came over after being DFAd, as did Jorge Sosa. One worked out, one not so much. And Weaver took a while to click as well, though thankfully he did in October.

This just seems like a deal that doesn’t need to be made, unless a reliever is about to be traded elsewhere. We have enough of these types–adding more makes it seem like Walt has a completionist mentality–have to collect them all!


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